links for 2010-02-05

  • Broadly, this bill seeks to establish transparency between all actors participating in the consumer credit market. More specifically, it seeks to restrict unfair interest rate hikes, fees and penalties. It also bans credit card companies from knowingly issuing cards to people under the age of 18. Furthermore, it calls for the broad dissemination of information by creditors to the public regarding changes and developments in credit card accounts, methods of contact, and credit counseling services, and by the Federal Reserve Board to Congress and the public, alike, regarding the general health of the consumer credit market.
  • Most likely developed by Lindsay Lohan to prevent future lawsuits from personal assistants, SIRI uses voice recognition capabilities to become your personal assistant. "You simply speak into the phone with a request like, 'Find something to do in San Francisco this weekend.'" It will not only find you something to do, but if you give it permission, it will book reservations and buy tickets too.

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